5 Tips for the Best Family Glamping in the UK


24 May 2021

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Are you itching to go out and spend some quality time with your loved ones? A glamping holiday is what you need. Is it the right time to make a booking? How to make it the best family glamping in the UK?

Camping was fun when you were kids. Now, when you have grown older, you might be looking for something more than just going outdoors for a few hours. Constructing tents, scaling a large field, and spending a few nights from the city’s hustle and bustle is something you need now. Even children love to go glamping.

However, not every trip is equally fun. There are plenty of things that must work well together perfectly. They include a location you choose, belongings, foods, and, not to forget, the company. How much you enjoy glamping depends on who is with you. It feels like the best time of your life when you go with family or friends. On the other hand, it becomes a boring affair when you are alone.

Apart from that, some tips from experts can turn luxury glamping in the UK for families into a pleasant, memorable holiday.

1. Glamping Site: Research, Research, and Research

Although every location is beautiful when you have loved ones around you, a dedicated glamping site can be similar to the cherry on the cake. What makes a site perfect for the best family glamping in the UK? First, it needs to be located in a peaceful place, which is far from crowded cities and light pollution. For example, Kent Countryside has locations with ancient trees, rural footpaths, and natural fenland. Also, it is a refuge for rare wildlife.

Apart from nature-related sites, the perfect glamping site offers a wide range of things to enjoy. When you are planning glamping with family, spend some time collecting information on the best sites. These must be suiting your needs.

2. Accommodation: Tents Perfect for Outdoors

As glamping is way different from camping and you plan to spend multiple days outdoors, pay close attention to your accommodation options. Here, you require more than just a tent. In addition to comfortable
accommodation, there must be arrangements for other luxury amenities, such as duvets, towels, glassware, and electric points for appliances. Apart from that, if you are glamping with your pets, all the pet-friendly arrangements must be made. When arranging all these things is challenging, companies offering services related to luxury glamping in the UK for families come into play.

At the best service provider, you can expect luxury amenities like linen duvets and pillows. Apart from that, the company takes care of your needs for convenience. For accommodation, they provide tents that withstand whatever nature throws at them.

3. Clothes: Plenty of Them

During a holiday, staying outdoors for multiple days is different from living in a luxury hotel. Although a company offers services to make the best family glamping in the UK for you, some arrangements need to be done by you for the utmost comfort.

It doesn’t matter what the current weather conditions are, pack plenty of clothes. If kids are with you, ensure you have warm clothes for them. The little ones will be enjoying the outdoors all day. And, as we know that the British climate is unpredictable, it isn’t a smart decision to pack just a few

Remember, even the hottest day may become a cold day when the sun disappears. If you have come without your warm clothes, the weather may ruin your mood and even the holiday.

4. Foods: Explore More and More

There is more than one way to enjoy foods during glamping. When you have hired a company’s services around luxury glamping in the UK for families, the service provider takes care of your foods. However, there is an option to try some dishes and impress your family members.

Apart from that, you can explore places near the glamping site to find some amazing places to eat. For example, Kent Countryside has plenty of bars and take-away facilities where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your family.

5. Enjoyment: Appreciate Your Glamping Site

You may wish to explore the places near your glamping site and find some delicious dishes to relish. That’s okay. But don’t forget to enjoy your tent’s amenities or the area of your glamping site.

Spend some time in your tent and experience its luxury amenities. During time, you can have a fun conversation with your family and friends. In the End.

If you are in search of luxury services for the best family glamping in the UK, come to The Ham Hideaway. From accommodation to things to do, several things are taken care of by the service provider.