Glamping with Kids: Tips to Keep the Kids Entertained


09 June 2021

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As per research, over 65% of conversations between a kid and his parents are around daily routines. Also, less than 35% of children talk to their parents only once a week about important things. The statistics are scary. Aren’t they? Go glamping with your kids to break the everyday monotony and strengthen your bond with them. How to do glamping with kids?

It’s safe to say that family holidays are a good idea to spend some quality time with loved ones. However, do you know that the trip can work magically for the parent-kid relationship? Several scientific studies in the recent past have shown that being on a holiday with the family can help create happy memories.

In a study by the Family Holiday Association on Brits, at least 49% of participants accepted that they created the happiest memories during a family trip. Also, around a quarter of them said that they recalled those memories when they faced tough times.

Apart from great memories, family holidays can make family bonds stronger than ever, improve kids’ behaviour at school, keep children positive, and bring them close to their parents.

If you’re an admirer of nature who wishes to reap all these benefits of a holiday trip, glamping with kids in the UK is the coolest idea.

Why Glamping with Kids

Camping is cool when you are perfectly fine with spending time outside, sleeping on a sheet, walking across the field in the middle of the night for the loo, and adjusting with baked beans for food. Everything changes when you are with kids. Plus, if you want to enjoy multiple days away from city life, camping is a not-so-cool idea.

Here, glamping with kids is your ideal holiday replacement. During glamping, you aren’t on your own. A service provider offers you a range of services to make the trip memorable for you and your family.

What you expect during a glamping tour with the family includes:

Luxury accommodation
Showers and toilets for personal use
A chef to cook food
A kid-friendly menu
Technologies like charging points and high-speed Internet
Safe parking
Tips for Safe, Memorable Glamping

Glamping with Kids in the UK is more popular than ever. During these pandemic times, people are looking for ways to spend time far from cities to experience peace with families. However, not all of them make wonderful memories. They choose wrong locations, unsuitable packages, and go unprepared.

Here are some tips by experienced professionals to make the most out of your glamping trip:

Do Your Research to Discover the Perfect Place

The UK is home to plenty of beautiful locations for glamping. When it comes to choosing one of them, you should figure out which site suits your requirements.

For example, if you desire to experience nature, history, and peace near London, the historic Kent countryside is the best place for glamping. There’s no point in travelling hundreds of miles as it may suck your energy and excitement for the holiday.

Find Out Your Requirements around Amenities

Paying attention to accommodation is crucial when you are planning holidays with kids. You don’t want your little ones to live in a standard tent and sleep on a thin sheet.

While booking a glamping holiday package, find out what types of accommodation services you are being offered. Are there tents or shepherd huts for accommodation? Do these options have luxury amenities like ultra-plush pillows and duvets? Do they have toilets and showers for personal use?

Look at Food Options

When you are glamping with kids, baked beans are off the menu. You need a kid-friendly menu that charges them for the adventure. Ensure that your glamping service provider has an experienced chef to take care of your food-related requirements.

There are some reputed service providers who also provide you with takeaways for your tour.

Enjoy Your Glamping Site

Let’s assume that you’ve chosen Kent for family glamping. The region is known for its beautiful locations, rich history, greenery, and plenty of attractions. When you’re creating a to-do list to enjoy these things, make sure you also plan to spend time on and around your glamping site to experience its luxury facilities. Doing that will prepare you for your other adventures.

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