Luxury Glamping Ideas! Family Reunions In The Historic Kent Countryside


12 June 2021

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Luxury Glamping Ideas! Family Reunions In The Historic Kent Countryside

Did the COVID-19 pandemic spoil your holiday plans last year? A luxury glamping break in Kent’s gorgeous green spaces is what you deserve. The ‘quaint’ English county is home to some of the most beautiful villages, inventive cuisines, cutting-edge art, and of course idyllic rural locations – perfect for a family holiday.

There is hardly anything better than a serene, secluded nature without compromised comfort – this is exactly why glamping family holidays in the UK are becoming more popular with each passing day. You get a break from your daily routine and an opportunity to strengthen your bonds with loved ones. Today, when the pandemic is causing stress, a glamping holiday with family can be relaxing and a great experience.

Ditch camping, and go glamping. Why?

Every camper’s worst nightmare is waking up in the middle of the night and walking in the rain to pee in a shared toilet block. What’s more frustrating about camping? You find it hard to sleep because your groundsheet doesn’t offer you enough protection.

Of course, you don’t want to have such horrific experiences, especially when you are on a holiday with your family. This is why you should opt for luxury glamping in the UK for families.

Plan family glamping; Kent awaits with plenty of Gorgeous outdoor locations!

With thousands of kilometers of free green space, Kent brings a natural world to your doorstep. Apart from greenery, it has grand historic villages and structures to have fun with the family.

Kent has a very rich history to discover. Some other activities you can try during your luxury glamping trip include a visit to Dover Castle, cycling, bird watching, etc. There are plenty of locations that you can scale during your day to have a fantastic family time.

Sandwich Bay is a very special place in the region that you definitely shouldn’t skip visiting. Whether you want to experience something different from your city life or seek adventure, the place has something for everyone. Here, you also can enjoy some sumptuous dishes and creative culinary.

Why not luxury tents and amenities? Family glamping rentals can be quirky!

What makes glamping better than camping is the facility. You get a pleasant stay with lots of luxury amenities to enjoy during your holiday, which means you don’t have to think of groundsheets. Also, you get private showers and toilets for personal use.

Unlike ordinary tents that you use for camping, the service providers of the best family glamping in the UK provide you with imported tents that come with private outdoor areas. Each of the tents is equipped with luxury amenities, including ultra-plush pillows, duvets, bedside tables, outside dining area, electric points, heating appliances, and more. To enable you to stay connected with the technology-friendly world, the glamping company offers you high-speed Wi-Fi.

The service provider also takes care of your food. You get a fully catered gourmet menu, and your butler chef packs your takeaway food. If you are with kids, the chef offers a special kids menu.

Doesn’t it seem like a dream?
This is exactly what you get during your glamping family holidays in the UK.

Discover Glamping. Book Your Family Glamping Facility

To experience the best of glamping, you need to book a great service provider who has a glamping site nestled beautifully in a rural Kent location. They must take care of accommodation and food needs while offering your luxury amenities.

If you are planning to visit Kent for a family glamping holiday, Ham Hideaway can turn your trip into a fairytale. From luxury accommodation to an exclusive onsite butler chef, it offers you plenty of things to unwind, so that you can prepare yourself for the adventure. Happy holidays!