A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Glamping in the UK for Families


05 July 2021

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Are you thinking of luxury glamping in the UK for families but don’t know where to go and what to do? This guide will be your go-to resource to learn about a glamping tour to make it comfortable, exciting, and memorable.

Glamping is a glamorous alternative to camping. It enables you to spend time outdoors without compromising your comfort. From comfortable bedding to delicious foods, there are plenty of luxuries that come with glamping.

The UK was introduced to glamping in 2005. Soon after that, it took the tourism market by storm. Today, whether you are planning to experience nature with your family, friends, or partner, you can easily choose a place from the best glamping sites in the UK. There, you get a range of facilities and amenities to spend quality time observing the greenery with your loved ones.

Where to Go Glamping

Finding the right glamping site in the UK is a challenging process. From North Yorkshire to Perthshire and Kent, there are dozens of places for luxury glamping in the UK for families. You can choose one of them considering your needs and the amenities you are offered.

For example, if you are looking for a glamping site that is far from the city’s hustle and bustle, then Kent can be an ideal option to consider. Also known as the garden of England, the southeastern county provides a perfect blend of beautiful outdoors and luxury glamping. Whether you are going with your family or planning romantic glamping in the UK for your partner, Kent has something for everyone.

Dover Castle, white cliffs, Canterbury Cathedral, and several historic structures are there to see in Kent. If you are there to observe the unique side of nature, it has several projects to get a glimpse of Mother Earth. Also, for adventure lovers, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Types of Accommodation

When you choose luxury glamping in the UK for families over camping, you don’t have to bring your own tents. A glamping service provider offers you multiple accommodation options, ranging from safari tent holidays in the UK to shepherds hut. You can choose one of them as per your needs and their amenities.

For example, when you choose a safari tent, you get a spacious and stylish tent, which features beds with comfortable duvets, pillows, side tables, coffee tables, and plenty of other amenities. On the other hand, a shepherd’s hut becomes an ideal option when you are on tour for romantic glamping in the UK.

While booking accommodation services, consider the offered amenities. In addition to comfortable bedding, there must be the services of personal toilets and showers. Also, the best glamping sites have parking facilities and modern features like Wi-Fi to keep you updated with the world.

Food Options

Similar to accommodation, the best glamping sites in the UK come with the facility of chefs to prepare delicious foods for visitors. When you are with your partner, you get the services of a romantic getaway for two.

When booking a glamping site, ensure that it has an experienced chef to cook meals for you. There are service providers with chefs, who also prepare takeaways for you. If you are with your children, ensure the service provider has a kid-friendly menu and amenities.

In the End

Luxury glamping in the UK for families becomes the best tour of your life when it has all those amenities and facilities that prepare you for the next adventure. Apart from observing nature and visiting historic places, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the facilities of your glamping site. It may make your tour memorable and enjoyable. Happy glamping!