5 Amazing Reasons for Glamping Holidays in Kent


26 August 2021

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Kent, popularly known as the Garden of England, is an incredible county in southeastern England, especially for those who wish to witness nature in its unspoiled form. From beautiful sites to historical locations, there are plenty of reasons why glamping holidays in Kent are extremely popular among adventurers.

Arguably, Kent has something for everyone. The county is soaked in history, has stunning beaches, and has breathtaking areas of natural beauty. In addition, the best glamping site in Kent has tons of activities and amenities to fill your glamping with moments to remember for a lifetime.

Although England has plenty of beautiful sites for glamping, where you can experience nature in its raw form. However, glamping holidays in Kent offer something extra to remember.


Whether you’re planning a family glamping tour or going on a trip with your friends, Kent has something for everyone. Here are some incredible reasons to choose the county for your next glamping tour:

It Offers More than Just Fields

If you want to spend some time around nature but also want to experience something more, Kent is an ideal place to add to your glamping site list.

Apart from beautiful fields, Kent has many other things to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. For example, there are miles-long beaches and historical structures to have a look at. Also, there are some of the finest restaurants to taste some sumptuous dishes from the region.

The Best Glamping Site

When it comes to glamping, no other county or region in England can compete with Kent. This southeastern English county is a popular glamping spot that has glamping services for all kinds of individuals.

In addition, the best glamping site in Kent provides you with a range of services and amenities to enjoy, such as safari tents, luxury in-tent amenities, and others.

Tons of Things to Do

During a glamping trip to Kent, you can do more than just getting a glimpse of nature. There are tons of things to do in Kent. For example, you can visit the popular Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, and the Canterbury Cathedral. If you are into beaches, the region has miles of sandy beaches to spend time with your loved ones.

For nature lovers, the county has options like environmental projects, which allow individuals to go on bird watching.

Luxury On-site Glamping Facilities

Unlike traditional camping, glamping holidays in Kent enable you to experience more than nature in the county. Here, a glamping service provider offers you a range of services to make your trip memorable.

At the best glamping site in Kent, you can choose a luxury accommodation option for your stay. Your tent or accommodation option will be loaded with plenty of luxury amenities, ranging from comfortable beds to coffee tables, and Wi-Fi. Also, the best service provider offers you the services of chefs, who cook delicious meals for you.

If you’re travelling with your kids or pets, the glamping service provider will have specialised services to meet your needs.

Amazing Theme Park

There are only a handful of places that have a theme park surrounded by a historical location, and Kent is among those few regions. It has a beautiful theme park that you can visit during your glamping tour in the region.

The theme park has many kinds of thrilling rides and attractions to enjoy.

In the End

From beautiful locations to historical sites and amazing nightlife, Kent has several things to make your trip memorable. Embark on glamping holidays in Kent and experience the best of your glamping tour. All the best!