How To Find and Choose the Best Glamping Sites in the UK


13 November 2021

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How To Find and Choose the Best Glamping Sites in the UK

Glamping, which is sometimes referred to as glamorous camping, is about getting close to nature without compromising your comfort. If you are searching for one of the best glamping sites in the UK, then this guide is for you. Learn how to find and choose the perfect glamping site.

Different from camping, glamping is about luxuries. When camping, you need to make arrangements related to your stay, food, and others. On the other hand, your glampsite takes care of everything for you. From accommodation to food and others, the site has plenty of things to make your glamping holidays in the UK exciting and memorable.

Now, the question is: How do you know which is the best glamping site for your trip? Here are some tips to help you out:

Find Out Where Do You Want to Glamp

The UK is home to plenty of glampsites. If you are new to glamping, it may be a difficult task to choose one of them. However, there are some factors that you can consider to make your decision.
Find answers to questions like ‘what do you want to do during your glamping tour’? ‘Are you looking to spend some time in peace while staying close to nature’? Or, ‘do you also want to explore a region’s culture and history’?
If you want a combination of nature and rich history, then Kent can be one of the best glamping sites in the UK for your trip. It is home to many beautiful landscapes. Apart from that, the county has lots of tourist places.

Learn About Accommodation

One of the things that differentiate camping from glamping is the ‘accommodation’. In camping, you need to bring your own tent and a sheet to sleep.

However, your glampsite takes care of your accommodation needs. At the best site, you are provided with multiple options – including safari tents and shepherd’s huts. You can choose any of them considering your choice.

When it comes to bedding, the glampsite provides you with comfortable beds and duvets. In addition, your accommodation is equipped with lots of luxury amenities, such as coffee tables, side tables, chairs, electric points for charging, clean bathrooms, and clean toilets.

When choosing a site, take its accommodation services into account to ensure that they are suitable for your comfort.

Discover the Distance from Famous Places

If you want to experience more than just peace during your glamping holidays in the UK, then ensure that your glampsite is close to famous tourist attractions. For example, there are glamping sites in Kent that are near Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, and many others.

Before choosing your glamping site, spend some time to find out famous places near a glamping site. In case you wish to learn about a place’s culture and ancient history, look for a glamping site that is close to a peaceful town.

Learn About Luxurious Services

Glamping is about luxuries. From a comfortable bed to a specialised menu and safe parking, there are plenty of things that make glamping better than camping and similar forms.

While looking for a glamping site, collect information about the services it provides. Ensure that they match your requirements. For example, if you are travelling with pets, then your glampsite must have pet-friendly services and amenities.

In the End

Finding and choosing one of the best glamping sites in the UK becomes easy when you know how to do your research. Now that you are aware of it, begin your search to find the best glampsite in the UK for your next adventure.