5 Reasons to Go on Safari Tent Holidays in the UK


28 January 2022

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Bringing you close to nature, safari tent holidays in the UK are a perfect glamping idea. Of all the accommodation options, safari tents give you the feeling of being outdoors without compromising your comfort. Ham Hideaway is here with some awesome reasons to go on safari glamping.  

Glamping enables you to experience nature without compromising your comfort. Unlike camping, you don’t have to bring your own tent and sleep on a thin sheet. When you choose glamping in Kent, you get a pre-installed accommodation type with comfortable and cosy beds.

When it comes to accommodation, glamping offers you multiple types. And, the most popular among them are safari tents and shepherd’s huts. Many people choose a safari tent over other forms of glamping accommodation types. Why? What is so special about safari tents?

Ham Hideaway is here with some amazing reasons to choose safari tents when you’re on glamping holidays in Kent. Let’s explore them:

They Reflect Nature

The idea of camping was to get close to nature. People brought their own tents, installed them on their own, cooked their own meals, and explored the wilderness. Glamping is also about experiencing the green side of Mother Earth but without compromising your comfort. 

During a glamping tour, your service provider takes care of your accommodation and food requirements. From tents to shepherd’s huts, you get multiple accommodation options.

However, safari tents are an accommodation type that gives you the feeling of being outdoorsy. Imagine this: You wake up in the morning in your safari tent, get a beautiful view of nature, and the birds are chirping. Now, imagine this whole scene in a conventional concrete room. The scene seems close to nature in a safari tent. Right?

They Come in Many Sizes

One of the most amazing things about safari tent holidays in the UK is that you can plan them with anyone. Whether you’re with your partner, friends, family, or kids, you can stay in a safari tent with anyone. 

In addition, safari tents are available in different sizes at Ham Hideaway. For example, you can book a tent for two, three, four, or multiple individuals. All of these tents are spacious accommodation solutions equipped with comfortable beds, duvets, chairs, side tables, and many other luxury amenities. 

They Promote Simple Living  

When you choose to go glamping in Kent, the objective is to spend some time away from the city’s hectic life. The outdoor adventure means experiencing the green side of Mother Earth and living a simple life for a few days. Glamping enables you to fulfil your expectations from an outdoor trip.

Although your safari tent is equipped with a wide range of luxury amenities, they take you far from the city’s hustle and bustle. You get an opportunity to stay away from a hectic life where you don’t have time to spend with loved ones or appreciate the natural side of the world.

They Allow Nature Above Your Head

It’s true that the best glamping site is surrounded by greenery and lots of things related to nature. Now, imagine two scenarios: One, you sleep in a safari with a feeling that there’s a dark sky over your head; and, now the second, imagine that you sleep in a concrete room knowing that there’s a layer of cement that separates you from nature. Isn’t the first scenario better than the second?

When you’re glamping, it is amazing to notice that nature is all around you – even when you’re in your tent. It allows you to get closer to nature and experience its unique, natural side. Safari tents help you get that feeling.

They’re Fun

In the simplest way, safari tents are better accommodation solutions than others because they’re fun. How?

Living in a tent is a totally different experience. It’s similar to camping but with some necessary amenities. You experience the true side of outdoor adventure without ditching your comfort. In a tent, everything is in front of your eyes, and you don’t have to arrange anything. From bedding to breakfast, everything is taken care of by your service provider. In addition, you get attached personal showers and toilets.

It means when you’re living in a safari tent, you get everything to make your stay comfortable while connecting with nature in an honest way. Also, you can plan more outdoor activities in your tent to make the trip more adventurous.

All set for safari tent holidays in the UK? Come to Ham Hideaway and book the best glamping site in Kent to experience the combination of nature and luxury amenities. Book your glamping tour now!