8 Super Fun Tips for Glamping in Kent with Your Family


08 February 2022

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Are you planning to go glamping with your family? Let us share our secrets to successfully glamping in Kent.
Kent is an incredible place for glamping. Popularly known as the ‘garden of England’, the English county is home to quintessential villages, breathtaking landscapes, historical structures, and unspoiled nature. 
Whether you want to spend quality time with your family in peaceful surroundings or wish to combine your Kent glamping tour with a visit to famous tourist attractions or desire to have an adventurous trip with your loved ones, the county has everything to gratify the traveller in you. 
If you want to make your glamping trip even more fun, our expert advice can help you. Here are some tips from industry specialists, that will add a little ‘something’ extra to your trip:

Do Your Research to Find the Best Glamping Location 

It doesn’t matter how expensive your glamping site is or how many luxury services it offers, the site is only apt for you when it suits your requirements.
For example, as it’s a family trip, you need to make sure your glamping site is suitable for your tour. If there are kids with you, then check whether or not the site has child-friendly services and a specialised menu. 
Also, consider the site’s location. If you want to experience nature and tourist attractions in the region, look for a site that’s nestled in greenery but still close to those popular places. 

Pack Some Warm Clothes

It’s true that the site will provide you with a luxury tent, a cosy bed, and duvets. However, you don’t know when the weather will change. When you’ve kids with you, it is necessary to ensure that there are warm clothes to keep you and your children warm during glamping in Kent.

Enjoy Your Site

The best glamping sites in Kent are surrounded by greenery. Even if you have planned a busy trip, make sure you take time to enjoy the site and its surroundings. 
Your site will offer outside chairs so that you can enjoy moments with your loved ones. Take the time to sit in those chairs, create memories and soak up the beauty of the site. 

Plan a Picnic

The best glamping site will provide you with a range of luxury services. At Ham Hideaway you have access to a professional chef to cook delicious meals for you and your family. Use this opportunity to plan a picnic, and ask the cook to pack some delicious dishes. A picnic can help you spend some quality time with your family and collect some beautiful memories during your Kent glamping trip.

A Visit to Tourist Attractions

Even if it’s a trip to spend time in the lap of nature, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the most popular tourist attractions in Kent. For example, you and your family can visit the famous Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury Cathedral, and more.

Plan Outdoor Activities 

In addition to observing the unspoiled side of nature, plan some outdoor activities to experience more of nature. As it is a family trip, you can plan something like hiking, cycling, a walk on a Kent beach, or bird watching.

Experience Kent’s History

Kent is among those English counties that are known for their rich cultural heritage. From historic buildings to places, there are plenty of things about the region’s history to explore. For example, Canterbury Cathedral in Kent is one of the oldest Christian structures in the country. 

Keep Things Simple

Last but not the least, don’t plan too many things for your Kent glamping holiday. As it’s a family vacation and kids will also be with you, plan your holiday accordingly. Ensure that you’ve enough time to enjoy the trip and collect memories.
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