Glamping Holidays in Kent with Friends


22 February 2022

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Sometimes, the simplest solution to all your problems in life is being with friends. They are the ones who hear you even when you don’t say a word. Glamping holidays in Kent with your friends can fill your life with happiness. Imagine exploring the wilderness of the gorgeous county, visiting some of the most famous tourist attractions, or going on adventurous hiking with your closest friends. Doesn’t it sound fun? Honestly, you don’t need to make a long list of things to do when you are glamping in Kent with friends. They are the individuals who can make any trip worth remembering.  However, if you’re thinking of holidays that bring you all close to nature and enable you to admire your friendship, we’ve some useful tips for you. A few or all of them can make your trip more amazing and memorable. Let’s delve deeper.
Choose Safari Tents for Accommodation
The best glamping site offers you multiple accommodation options – including safari tents and shepherd’s huts. When you are with your life partner, family, or kids, shepherd’s huts make an incredible accommodation option. But, when it’s a glamping trip with friends, you can choose safari tents.A reason to choose safari tents over shepherd’s huts is that the former is more closely associated with the outdoors. A safari tent enables you to enjoy all the luxury services and amenities that you get in a shepherd’s hut. Apart from that, it gives you the feeling of conventional camping – without letting you arrange everything for the trip.
An ideal outdoor adventurous trip with friends has a special place for a campfire. Imagine, you and your friends are sitting around the fire under the clear dark sky, sharing your happy memories, and dancing/singing. Didn’t it bring a smile to your face? If yes, then please add a campfire to your list of things to do during glamping holidays in Kent with friends.
Get Close to Nature
Although it’s a trip with friends, combine it with an activity to explore the wilderness near your glamping site. It will enable you to reconnect with your friends and take your relationship to the next level. Choose a place near your glamping site. Apart from that, you can plan some adventurous activities like hiking or cycling. It will be great fun.
Visit Tourist Attractions
One of the most amazing things about Kent is that it has everything for everything. From an unspoiled form of nature to historic sites and man made marvels, there are plenty of things to witness in the county. When you are glamping in Kent with friends, combine your trip with a tour to all the popular attractions – including Dover Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, and many others. If you are into history, Canterbury Cathedral is a place you must visit.
Eat at Local Eateries
Although your glamping service provider will take care of all your needs – including food – you should definitely try some local pubs and eateries in the county to munch on some delicious dishes and understand the rich culture of the region. It will also enable you to explore more about the county and become friendly with its residents.
Before visiting a pub, ask people about it to find out whether or not it is capable of providing you with the true taste of Kent. 
In the End
Now, you are aware of all those things that may make your glamping holidays in Kent with friends exciting and fun. So, grab your friends and book your site at Ham Hideaway. Contact us to know more about our services!