5 Super Cool Tips for the Best Family Glamping in the UK


10 March 2022

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Glamping holidays in Kent are fun. They become more fun when you are glamping with your family. If you wish to turn your trip into the best family glamping in the UK, Ham Hideaway has some awesome tips for you. Who doesn’t want to spend some quality time with their family? Of course, everyone does. You can make it more fun by planning glamping holidays in Kent with your loved ones. Different from traditional camping, glamping is a luxurious outdoor adventure that enables you to experience nature but without giving up your comfort. Comfortable bedding, luxury amenities, delicious foods, kid-friendly services, and clean toilets; there are plenty of things that fill a family outing with lots of excitement. To make your trip more comfortable and memorable, we’ve brought some cool and useful tips. Here are they:

Research Your Glamping Site 

Good news: Kent is home to a huge number of glamping sites. Not-so-good news: not all of them have the qualities to become the best glamping site in Kent for your family tour. Also, the best site isn’t one that offers you a wide range of services that don’t match your requirements. To find a suitable site, get answers to questions like:

  • How many people are travelling with you? Are there kids with you?
  • Do you only want to spend time around nature or also wish to explore more of Kent?
  • Do you want to stay in a safari tent or a hut?
  • Do you have pets that will travel with you?
  • What are food options at a glamping site?

Create a List of Things You Want to Do

Of course, you want to spend quality time with your loved ones in the lap of nature while enjoying the luxuries of your glamping. However, glamping holidays in Kent have much more to offer you. For example, the county is home to several popular tourist destinations, including the famous Dover Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, Canterbury Cathedral, and others. To add more memories to your trip, think of some of the most amazing places that you can visit with family.

Plan Outdoor Activities

Glamping is more than taking a look at the unspoiled form of nature. To experience the best family glamping in the UK, add some outdoor activities to your trip. When you are glamping with kids, you don’t have to think of serious adventures that children can’t do. A simple plan for a picnic will be great for something more exciting to your trip. Apart from that, you can plan some other easy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and bird watching. There are many sites in Kent where you can get a glimpse of different animals without disturbing them.

Get Devices to Capture Memories

One of the most amazing things about glamping is that it not only enables you to spend some quality time with your family but also allows you to capture those moments in your phones and cameras. At the best glamping site in Kent, you are provided with tents that come with charging points to keep your devices charged. All you need to do is to bring your devices with you and keep them charged before the next adventure.

Enjoy Your Glampsite

Although Kent has many things to offer you and add fun to your family holidays, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of your glamping site. From in-tent amenities to food prepared by an experienced chef, there are many things to enjoy at your glampsite. All set for glamping holidays in Kent? Come to Ham Hideaway and book the best glamping site for your family adventure. Happy glamping!