How to Go Glamping with Pets: Guide to Glamping with Your Furry Friend


14 June 2021

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Glamping with pets can be an amazing experience for you and your canine. You get the opportunity to spend time far from city life, while your pet gets the great outdoors. While choosing a site for your glamping holidays, ensure its service provider has pet-friendly amenities. There are plenty of other things to know before you go glamping with your pooch to ensure that you aren’t wrestling with ropes.

Spending some time in the wilderness can be refreshing. But you don’t need to compromise your luxuries when you wish to unwind in the lap of nature. Glamping holidays in the UK lets you experience the beauty of Mother Earth in a comfortable, luxurious way. What’s more amazing is that you can go glamping with your pets.


Imagine, you’re alone in the historic Kent countryside, exploring its White Cliffs of Dover and some magnificent natural wonders. Now, assume that you are visiting these places with your four-legged friend. The second scenario must be better. Isn’t it?


Pets are the perfect companion, especially when it comes to exploring nature. They love the outdoors, hiking, trekking, and everything that comes with glamping.


Tips to Go Glamping with Pets

If you want to go glamping in Kent South East England with your pet but the fear of making arrangements for them and missing the real fun is bothering you, here are some tips to help you experience great holidays:


Prepare Your Pet for the Vacation

Before you embark on a magnificent tour with your pet, it is necessary to ensure that the pooch is ready for the adventure. From considering your pet’s personality and vaccinating them, take care of multiple things.


Many glamping site service providers love pets, and they may interact with your canine. Ensure that your pet is prepared for what’s coming during the trip.

Look for Pet-friendly Glamping Services

Kent is an amazing place to go glamping. From its rich history to unspoiled nature, you can experience plenty of things here. However, not all glamping service providers have pet-friendly services.


When booking a package, ensure that the service provider has services and amenities for four-legged creatures. For example, the best place for glamping with pets will have beds with chew. In addition, there’ll be pet-friendly amenities to make your furry friends comfortable and prepare them for the next adventure.

Check for Amenities

In addition to beds for pets, make sure the service provider has pet-friendly amenities. Paying attention to sleeping arrangements and other services is necessary to ensure that your pooch is safe and comfortable during your glamping holidays in the UK.


Although the glamping site service provider will take care of the pet’s accommodation and sleeping arrangements, you must bring towels and other essential belongings for your pet.


Find Pet-friendly Locations

When you’re on a glamping holiday, Kent has plenty of things to explore. Unfortunately, not all of them can be visited with four-legged creatures. Before you go outside your glamping site, collect information about places you plan to visit. Make sure they allow pets and have arrangements to take care of your canines.


Where to Go for the Best Glamping Holidays in the UK

Whether it’s your first glamping holiday or you’ve been glamping for years, Kent is an amazing place for nature admirers. Apart from beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of historic places and attractions to visit during your trip to the region. Also, you can experience many of them with your pets.


If you wish to experience the best of glamping with pets, come to Ham Hideaway for a beautiful glamping site. They have luxury accommodation services and amenities, coupled with pet-friendly stay services. Visit their website’s home page to know more. Happy Glamping to you and your furry friend!