Why Choose Luxury Glamping in the UK for Families Over Camping


21 June 2021

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Arguably, everyone wants a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. In the modern pandemic-affected world, many individuals daydream of spending time outdoors. When it comes to the idea of unwinding yourself and relaxing in the lap of nature, camping seems like a great idea, but not when you’re travelling with the family. Here, you should go for luxury glamping in the UK for families.

Camping was fun years ago when people could afford a short time from their busy schedules, and that too when they went on a holiday alone. They had no problem with living in a small tent, sleeping on a thin plastic sheet, eating baked beans multiple times, and peeing in the open.

However, modern-day adventure has evolved. Today, people want to experience nature, but they also don’t want to compromise their comfort, especially when travelling with families. They look for places for the best family glamping in the UK.

What ‘Exactly’ is Glamping

Not everyone loves to challenge their comfortable lifestyle and make their holidays tolerable. Some of us want to spend more time enjoying a trip, rather than waiting for it to end so that we can end up on our cosy bed at home.

Glamping allows you to experience the outdoors while enjoying luxury accommodation and amenities. It comes with lots of facilities and guest-friendly services to keep you refreshed and prepared for the next adventure. From upscale safari tents to comfortable bedding and delicious foods, plenty of things make glamping a better version of camping.

Why Go Glamping with the Family

Those who want to witness the unspoiled side of nature while spending quality time with their families should go on glamping family holidays in the UK. It allows them to explore the green side of Mother Earth, unwind themselves, and collect great memories.

Some of the sites for the best family glamping in the UK are perfect to travel with families. For example, the historic Kent countryside provides a perfect blend of gorgeous locations and world-class amenities to tourists. Apart from that, there are some great glamping sites for families where you, your kids, and your pets are welcomed.

Why Choose Glamping Over Camping

Imagine, you are on a trip with your loved ones. Will you pick a luxury safari tent with comfortable bedding or a standard tent with a thin plastic sheet? Obviously, you’ll choose the former. Apart from tents, there are plenty of reasons to choose glamping over camping.


When you go camping, you’ve your own tent, which you set up yourself in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, when you choose luxury glamping in the UK for families, you’ve luxury safari tents ready and waiting for you. Apart from that, you also have the option to live in a shepherd’s hut. Glamping comes with safer accommodation than camping.


While camping, you have to bring your own bedding, which is usually a thin plastic sheet. And, it is not comfortable at all. Also, it doesn’t protect you completely. On the other hand, you’ve cosy bedding during a glamping tour. From clean beds to pillows and duvets, several things make your stay comfortable.

Showers and Toilets

During a camping trip, you have to pee in the open, which doesn’t seem safe in the middle of the night. Apart from that, there isn’t any option of showers. In the case of glamping, you get showers and toilets in each tent. Also, there are toiletries to help you stay as clean as you can.

Luxury Amenities

On a camping trip, you have to ditch all your comforts. On the other hand, the best family glamping in the UK comes with lots of amenities for you and your loved ones. They include starlight dining, safe parking, charging points in the tents, and event Wi-Fi to stay connected with the world.


The only food option during camping is baked beans. However, glamping offers you an experienced chef who takes care of your food needs. If you’ve kids with you, there’ll be a special kid-friendly menu.

In the End

Glamping family holidays in the UK are more comfortable, luxurious, and safer than camping. In addition, glamping keeps you refreshed through its amenities and charges you for the next adventure.

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