5 Ingredients of Perfect Glamping Holidays in Kent


16 July 2021

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From luxury accommodation to amenities, plenty of things come together to make glamping better than camping. If you aren’t sure whether to go on camping or glamping holiday in Kent &  South East England, this write-up will help you decide on that.

Do you want to spend some quality time in the lap of nature? If yes, there are two ways to do that; one is camping, while the other is glamping. When choosing the first option, you need to bring your own tent, cook your own food, sleep on the ground, and go to the loo in the open. On the other hand, when you select one of the best glamping sites in the UK, all your needs are taken care of by professionals. You get comfortable accommodation and luxury services.

Which of the two options will you choose? Of course, the answer is glamping. No? Here are some ingredients to make you more familiar with glamping:

Accommodation: More than Just Tent

When you choose glamping holidays in Kent over traditional camping, you get services from professional glamping companies. They make all the necessary arrangements for your holidays, including accommodation.

Here, you don’t need to bring your own tent. You get accommodation either in luxury safari tents or huts. What’s more? These accommodation options contain comfortable bedding and a wide range of luxury services.

On-site Amenities: Shower & Toilet Facilities

In the case of glamping, you are not required to wake up in the middle of the night and go to the loo in the open. Your safari tent or shepherd’s hut will be well equipped with toilet facilities. In addition, you get private showers to stay fresh and prepared for the next adventure.

A service provider offering services around glamping in Kent South East England provides you with toiletries to help you remain clean.

Kids-Friendly Services

Camping is not at all a good option when you are planning holidays with kids. With children, you need to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. A glamping service providing company offers kids-friendly services – from accommodation to foods – to make sure that your children are enjoying their stay while on glamping holidays in Kent.

Brilliant Location

During a glamping tour, you get plenty of options to discover. Apart from visiting popular tourist attractions in Kent like the Dover Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover, you get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenes at the best glamping sites in the UK. You can spend some quality time there to unwind yourself while enjoying plenty of luxury services.

Delicious Foods

One of the significant ingredients that make glamping better than camping is the menu. You don’t need to bring some easy-to-cook dishes with you. Glamping services come with an experienced chef who prepares delicious dishes for you. Also, when you have kids with you, there is the option of a kids-friendly menu.

In the End

When you choose glamping in Kent, South East England over traditional camping, you get comfortable accommodation and luxury amenities to enjoy your holidays. These services keep you energetic and prepared for the next adventure.

Happy glamping!