5 Unwritten Rules for Picking the Best Glamping Site in Kent


17 August 2021

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5 Unwritten Rules for Picking the Best Glamping Site in Kent

Peaceful sites, historic places to visit, nature in its unspoiled form, and environmental projects; many things come together to make a region the best glamping site in Kent. With a huge number of glamping sites in the region, it becomes daunting to choose a place that gratifies the glamping lover in you. In this piece, you’ll learn to find and select a site for Kent glamping.

Kent, a beautiful county in southeastern England, is known as the Garden of England. It has the peace you require during your trip.

Apart from that, whether you are travelling for glamping in Kent with your family or friends, the county has plenty of things to make your tour memorable.

However, you cannot expect a site to be the best glamping site in Kent only because of its services. There are many things to consider to pick a site that suits your requirements.

Here are some rules to choose a glamping site in Kent:


Rule 1: Determine Who are Your Travelling With

Are you thinking of glamping with your family or friends? Are kids travelling with you? Are there any pets with you? Do you want to spend quality time with your partner while staying close to nature?

Before starting to search for a site for Kent glamping, make a list of people you are travelling with. It will help you find out services you may require during your stay at a site.

Rule 2: Figure Out What You Want to Do

Do you want to spend some time around nature? Are you thinking of delving deeper into the ancient history of Kent? Do you want a blend of the two?

Find answers to these questions to figure out the purpose behind your glamping tour.

Rule 3: Decide on Accommodation: Tent or a Shepherd’s Hut

Unlike camping, glamping allows you to experience luxurious accommodation services. At the best glamping site in Kent, you get the option to choose between a safari tent and a shepherd’s hut. In addition, you can choose a tent based on how many people want to stay in one tent.

Rule 4: Collect information on On-site Services

Apart from luxurious accommodation, there’re many other services you can expect at your glamping site. For example, your tent or hut is equipped with comfortable bedding, clean pillows, coffee tables, chairs, a personal washroom, and charging points.

Also, at the best glamping sites, you are provided with a safe parking spot. If you’re travelling with pets, the site will have pet-friendly services.

Before hiring the services of a glamping site, learn all about it and its services.

Rule 5: Learn About Food Menus

When glamping, you don’t need to make any kinds of arrangements related to your foods. At the best Kent glamping site, you get an experienced chef who prepares delicious meals for you.

In addition, there are kids-friendly menus to meet the unique food requirements of foods. If you require food for your adventure, the chef takes care of it.

Final Words

A site becomes the best glamping site in Kent only when it meets your requirements. Before booking it, learn all about it and its services to make an informed decision.