Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Glamping for Families in Kent


03 September 2021

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Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Glamping for Families in Kent

Are you thinking of glamping with your family? Well, you’ve made a great decision that will enable you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Also, luxury glamping for families in Kent will leave you with an experience to remember for a lifetime. However, for that, you need to ensure that you choose a beautiful glamping site and great services. This guide will help ensure that you have an ultimate family glamping trip.

When it comes to glamping, there is arguably a place better than Kent. The Garden of England is known for its beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, historical sites, breathtaking attractions, and much more.

During the glamping family holidays in Kent, there are plenty of things to experience.

How to Choose a Site for Luxury Glamping for Families in Kent

Selecting the best glamping site is necessary. Its location holds the ability to make or break the game for you and your loved ones. There are multiple ways to ensure that you choose the perfect glamping site:

  • Identify your needs: Make a list of things you want to do during your glamping tour. Do you only want to spend time near nature? Are you thinking of visiting some historical sites too? What do you expect in your glamping site? Are there kids travelling with you? Find answers to such questions to understand what exactly you want in your glamping site. 
  • Glamping site services: Learn the types of services a glamping site offers you for glamping family holidays in Kent. Apart from accommodation options like safari tents and shepherd’s huts, you can expect plenty of luxury services like coffee tables, electric points, Wi-Fi, parking, and food. 
  • Kid-friendly menu: If you’re travelling with kids, ensure that your glamping site has kids-friendly services like a carefully crafted menu. Also, there must be accommodation services to make your kids comfortable. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Site for Luxury Glamping for Families in Kent

To have a fantastic family glamping holiday, you must book your site carefully. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure that you’ve a comfortable stay:

  • Not doing research on your glamping site and its services
  • Not checking your accommodation options 
  • Not ensuring kid-friendly or pet-friendly services 
  • Not confirming about the menu
  • Not making a list of things to do 

What To Do for Luxury Glamping for Families in Kent

Kent offers plenty of things to do during your glamping tour in the region. Apart from staying in a peaceful environment, there are many other activities to take part in.

  • Pay a visit to the Dover Castle
  • Go to the White Cliffs of Dover
  • Visit Canterbury Cathedral
  • Take a trip to Ashford Warren & Hoads Wood, Brenchley Wood, and Broadham Down

In the End

Your trip becomes luxury glamping for families in Kent only when it fulfils all your expectations. Do your research to make sure that you choose a perfect site for your family glamping holiday. Also, ensure your glamping site has all those services that it must have for a comfortable stay. All the best!