Glamping in Kent: 7 Steps to Plan Your Family Glamping Trip


15 February 2022

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From finding the best site for glamping in Kent to deciding on outdoor activities, our guide will help you plan your next family glamping tour for a memorable experience.

The concept of going on a trip with the family to experience nature isn’t new. Infact, people have been camping for decades. However, glamping provides a whole different experience from camping.

In camping, you are the one who has to take care of everything related to the tour – including finding a site, installing a tent, making food, and others. Arranging all these things make it challenging to plan family camping trips.

On the other hand, glamping is a better version of camping. Here, your glamping site manager takes care of everything. For example, if you are on a Kent glamping tour, you only need to choose a site. A glamping site provider like Ham Hideaway takes care of all your requirements.

At the best glamping site, you get a wide range of luxurious services. They include:

  • Luxury accommodation
  • Comfortable beds and duvets
  • Tables and chairs
  • Electric points
  • A chef
  • A kid-friendly menu
  • Clean showers and toilets
  • Pet-friendly services
  • Safe parking

All these services make your family holiday of glamping in Kent extra enjoyable and memorable. However, when you are glamping with your family, there are multiple things to take care of.

Here, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you plan an awesome family glamping tour.

Step 1: Decide Who Will Go

The first step in the process is to find out who will be on the Kent glamping trip. It will not only help you make plans for travel and accommodation but also help understand what kinds of services you require. For example, if there are kids on the trip, then you require specialised services like a kid-friendly menu. Also, in case you have pets, you need to find a site that allows pets.

Step 2: Select Your Glamping Site

Kent is a popular glamping destination in the UK. When you’re doing research on the best glamping site in the county, you’re going to come across many sites. Choose a site as per your tour’s plans. For example, if you wish to visit tourist attractions in the region, then find a site that’s nestled around nature but is close to popular spots in Kent.

Step 3: Contact the Site Manager

Once you’ve found the best glamping site for your family tour, it’s time to find more information on the site and its services. The right way to do so is to contact the site manager. While talking to the service provider, ask about accommodation options, services, and price. Also, if you are travelling with kids, ask the manager about kid-friendly amenities.

Step 4: Choose Your Accommodation

At the best glamping site, you are offered multiple accommodation options. At Ham Hideaway, you can choose between safari tents and shepherd’s huts. You can select any of them based on your personal preferences.

Step 5: Plan Your Outdoor Activities

Do you want to spend some quality time with your family while staying close to nature? Or, are you glamping in Kent to gratify your adventurous side? If the second question is your answer, then it is necessary to plan your outdoor activities accordingly. It is because you can’t go on difficult trails with your kids. In this case, you need to find easy hiking trails.

Step 6: Research Your Tourist Attractions

Kent is popular among tourists for its attractions. Some of them include Dover Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, and Canterbury Cathedral. Apart from them, there are beautiful sandy beaches and bird-watching spots. To experience them, make a list of tourist attractions you want to visit with your family.

Step 7: Pack Some Warm Clothes

Although Kent glamping site will provide you with all the necessary services, weather can go unfavourable anytime. If you are with kids, it becomes incredibly essential to keep warm clothes with you, so that you can enjoy your tour rather than spending time in your tent.

Wrapping Up

All set for glamping in Kent? Come to Ham Hideaway to book the best site in the region for your family glamping adventure. Contact us to know more!