Confession!! The Best Glamping Kent Hideaway


30 May 2022

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What could be more enchanting than a stay at a historic hideaway providing all you need for a luxe getaway? Surrounded with epic country settings and charming coastal views, the Ham hideaway is a perfect choice. If you are an adventurous soul seeking who loves nature and doesn’t need all of life’s luxuries like high-speed WIFI, then glamping is what you’ve been looking for all along. More comfortable and elegant than camping, glamping allows you to peacefully disconnect from the daily hustles of life and intimately reconnect with nature at a personal level.

The Best Glamping in Kent Hideaway

Located behind a secret entrance is the dazzling and captivating Ham Hideaway. Enchanting beauty is an understatement for this rare and unique glamping in Kent gem. Here are 5 intriguing reasons you might want to consider Ham Hideaway for your East Kent tour;

Peace & Tranquility

Freedom from disturbance is such a rare and golden opportunity. The Ham glamping East Kent hideaway offers you just what you need, peace and tranquility. With a quiet private outdoor area for personal meditation and intimacy, Ham hideaway proves to be among the few glamping getaways that grasp the meaning of someone who just needs a moment of calm.

Ravishing Luxury

Carefully constructed to woo you. The Ham glamping East Kent hideaway layout is prepared just for you. Part of what awaits you at your hideaway aboard are the:

  • Egyptian Cotton Linens
  • Ultra-push Pillows
  • Antique Dressers
  • Cozy Duvets
  • Inside & outside dining tables

Enjoy a fully catered gourmet menu prepared by our experienced chef as you gaze at the stunning unforgettable night sky.

Modern Debonair

Yes, you still can enjoy 100 Mbps high-speed WIFI as you sip your coffee in a fully tucked-in cozy duvet. Imported from Africa, our tents can withstand all outdoor rigors so that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to tent durability. The Ham glamping East Kent hideaway is a home away from home and perfect long getaways.

Lovers Corner

Steal a kiss in the ‘Sweet Briar’ the Ham glamping East Kent romantic tents made specifically for romantic couples. This is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, with a spot of pampering, that allows you to reconnect that spark with your loved one. Ham hideaway is: 

  • Private
  • Serene
  • Elegant
  • Peaceful

Animal Friendly

Who said that animals don’t need a getaway? Guess What? Your dog can come too. The Ham glamping East Kent hideaway caters to dogs too. Your faithful and loyal dog can relax in a cool serene environment and go for a walk along the nearby sandwich bay. Unique in its own way the Ham Hideaway appreciates and values the bond between animals and human beings and ensures that dogs can be included in the getaway fun too.

Kids Menu

Got children with allergies? Worry not. At the Ham glamping East Kent hideaway everything is catered for including the kid’s menu. Carefully made together just for the kids to enjoy their getaway even more, the kid’s menu caters also to children with allergies to certain foods as well as vegetarians. Our experienced chefs cater for all kids dietary needs at the Ham hideaway.

Rare gems are hard to find and the Ham glamping in Kent hideaway is one of the rarest getaway gems. From its secret entrance to the luxurious private couple and group tents, this Hideaway is perfect for everyone craving some peaceful alone time without foregoing the 21st-century luxuries. The High-speed Wifi allows sharing of the Hideaway experience with family and friends and even working as you enjoy your getaway.