Five reasons you should choose holiday glamping in Kent


07 June 2022

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Deciding on a location for your holiday can be a bit of a tedious decision. All the options are in front of you but you are not sure where to go. Glamping will take all that stress away. There are so many glamping opportunities all over the UK and these locations are made for all types of people. Glamping is family-friendly, a great choice if you are a couple looking for a breakaway, or if you want to disconnect from the world and take a relaxing holiday as an individual. Glamping is for everyone.

The Beautiful landscape of Kent

Kent, located on the southeast side of England, with its beautiful countryside and mesmerising seaside view has become a profound location for glamping. These rolling landscapes give you peace of mind while breaking away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The landscape creates a picture-perfect environment with a relaxing feel, which
allows individuals or groups to switch off and reconnect with nature in a more subtle and sophisticated way.

Hikes and bike rides through beautiful Kent

Keeping your blood flowing when you are on holiday is still important for some individuals. Kent glamping can cover all those needs with its endless hiking trails. These marvellous trails will allow you to see the stunning picture-perfect countryside and ocean views which aren’t enjoyed by many. There are multiple trails to choose from. These hikes can range from 5km to 15km. The Ramsgate to Broadstairs hike is 8.5km running past the beautiful ocean and includes cliff toppings. Another great option for biking or hiking is the lulling tone Circular track. This trail includes all the different aspects that Kent offers. From the pretty countryside to the fascinating lavender fields and well-groomed gardens This hike will take you approximately 2 and a half hours. These are just two of the great options to choose from.

Kent’s sandy beaches and ocean view

Kent is well-known for its diverse beaches. It is located between three different coastlines which leave you with contrasting beaches that anyone will enjoy. Individuals can choose between the sandy beach of Botany Bay, or relaxing in the summer sun on the beach of Minnis bay. The Dymchurch beach is another close-by beach that families or individuals can enjoy by swimming or relaxing under the sun. Other options are the cliffhangers and pebble beaches that are within walking distance from local glamping sites. All these beach options can be used for complete day trips, or just a quick break away from your glamping tent. The easy and safe to use routes can be a
journey for anyone at any time of the day. They are easily accessible and beautiful to walk.

Alternative activities

There are activities for everyone who wants to go glamping in Kent. If you love playing golf or are mesmerised by wildlife, Kent has got you covered. The beautiful and well-looked after golf courses will make any golfer’s day. These courses are there to help individuals relax and enjoy a holiday on the course. The geographic positioning of Kent is perfect for a variety of different wildlife activities. Bird lovers can observe an array of birds. This is a bird watcher’s paradise while relaxing and enjoying the calm nature and serenity of Kent’s biodiversity.

The surrounding infrastructure and sightseeing opportunities.

All the surrounding areas of Kent bear some historical phenomenon. Travellers can visit the Broadstairs with its hypnotic history, or visit the lovely small restaurants and shops in Margate Another historical landmark to visit is the amazing Dover Castle. This mediaeval palace is something to behold. With its rich history and fascinating architecture, it will leave onlookers speechless. All of this in one day’s trip. Glamping in Kent is a great option for individuals or groups to consider. From hiking trails to historical landmarks, this location will not cease to amaze. Kent will leave you re-energized and ready to head back to work with a new and refreshed head.