A glamping holiday in Kent: Why this location will be one for the books


02 July 2022

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Out with the old and in with the new. Camping holidays are a thing of the past. The next big thing is glamping. It is affordable, easily accessible and can accommodate the whole family. Glamping in Kent is one of the greatest holiday destinations. You will preferably decide to glamp in Kent, as this area has some of the best hiking trails, outdoor activities and night-time adventures for the individual or for the whole family to enjoy.

The beautiful hiking trails that Kent brings to the tent

Walking around in mother nature is one of the best ways to calm the soul and re-energize the body. Kent has some of the best hiking trails in England. With its diverse options such as coastal walks, forest strolls or lavender field adventures, Kent leaves holiday goers with multiple options that will not cease to amaze.

The first hiking option is the White Cliffs of the Dover Loop. This easy-to-walk hiking trail stretches over approx. 6.5 kilometres. It will take about two hours of your time, with mesmerising views of the ocean and cliffs around Kent.  

Walking around the Forest of Kent is another way to relax and enjoy your glamping holiday.  Walk the Loop from Knockholt Pound and take in the view of the house through the Key Hole and look out across the countryside from Park Wood viewpoint. It is a great way to get the heart pumping, whilst enjoying the beautiful forest around. This trail is around 2 hours long with a distance of approx. 8 kilometres.  

The last terrain that groups can hike through, are the fascinating lavender fields. The Shoreham Lavender Fields is a wonderful 11-kilometre hike, with a stunning view of the lavender fields. The trail will take up to three hours and can be enjoyed by any experienced or novice hikers. 

The historical castles and train rides of Kent 

Glamping in Kent is a great way to explore the history and buildings in the area. Visiting the historical houses, castles and churches are all amazing activities to do whilst the family is on holiday in Kent. With multiple viewing options, groups and individuals can fill their days by visiting these places and discover the history of Kent.

Exploring Dover Castle can enlighten the guests with fascinating historical facts. These historical castles date back to the Roman era. Experience all the beauty that the castle offers, with activities such as climbing the great towers. 

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway is another outing that everybody can enjoy. This railway can be traced back to the 1970s and to this day is still active.  Groups can board the train pulled by a steam locomotive, which stops at six different stations, passing beaches, lighthouses and mediaeval churches. A great activity suited for any weather. 

Night time adventures in Kent 

Enjoying the silent night-time out of the city is a great way to reconnect with oneself. There is no outlandish noise or distractions, which allows groups to converse and enjoy each other’s company. Individuals can use this time to clear their minds from all the business and distractions that the city brings.

Glamping holidays in Kent will allow individuals to appreciate the variety of birds and animals that can be encountered in Kent. This natural encounter will allow individuals to experience peace and quiet, something that very few people will experience. This experience can be fully expected whilst glamping in Kent.

If you are an adrenaline junky or enjoy a peaceful hike, glamping Kent is for you. The location is great for family holidays or individual retreats, which allows for a great break away from the city. This can leave individuals with a re-energised body, mind and soul, which will leave them refreshed and ready to tackle any obstacle they might encounter when back at work.