Amazing Ingredients of the Best Glamping site in Kent


17 September 2021

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6 Amazing Ingredients of the Best Glamping site in Kent

Kent is a haven for the admirers of glamping. The county has plenty of places for beautiful glamping sites. However, the best glamping site in Kent has some unique attributes that you cannot experience anywhere else.

When it comes to the best place in England for glamping, Kent is probably on each list. Popularly called The Garden of England, the county is home to famous towns like Rochester and Canterbury. From green landscapes to historic places and tourist spots, plenty of things come together to make Kent glamping an unforgettable experience.

When looking for a glamping site in Kent, you come across lots of options. However, these choices may confuse you and make you choose a site that doesn’t fit your requirements.

The best glamping site in Kent has some unique ingredients that you don’t find anywhere else. Here are they:

Location – Beautiful is the Best

A glamping site isn’t just a place to set up your base for the Kent trip. The best glamping site is a beautiful location that lets you enjoy your time. Apart from visiting some of the most popular locations in Kent, you get the opportunity to spend some quality time at your glamping site.

Accommodation – More than Just a Tent

What differentiates glamping from camping is accommodation. In the former type, you don’t need to bring your own tent and a sleeping bag. A service provider of glamping in Kent offers you these services.

However, at the best site, you get more than just a normal tent. You are given the option to choose between a safari tent and a shepherd’s hut. These accommodation choices are equipped with comfortable beds and a range of luxury amenities.

Safety – Parking and Cameras

The best Kent glamping site is a place that provides you with a sense of security. In addition to a designated place for parking, the service provider ensures that your accommodation place and vehicle are safe when you aren’t around them. The site has lots of safety features, including a parking place and CCTV cameras.

Services – Comfort and Luxury

When you choose glamping in Kent over camping, you get a range of luxurious services. They include cosy bedding, comfortable duvets, electric points in your accommodation place, coffee tables, and others. In addition, you are provided with beautiful outdoor settings to spend some quality time at the glamping site.

On-site Facilities – Showers and Clean Toilets

One of the disadvantages of camping is that you don’t have the option of a clean shower and a toilet. You have to pee in the open and wait for days to get a shower.

On the other hand, glamping comes with loads of on-site facilities, which includes showers and clean toilets. Each tent or a shepherd’s hut has its own toilet.

Food – Specialised Menu and a Chef

While glamping in Kent at the best site, you don’t need to bring your own food. You get the services of an experienced chef who cooks delicious meals for you.

When you are travelling with kids, the glamping service provider offers you a kid-friendly menu. Apart from that, the chef cooks takeaway foods for your glamping adventure in the county.


The best glamping site in Kent offers a perfect combination of luxurious and comfortable services. Here, you get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the luxury of a glamping site. So, find your perfect glamping site in Kent, pack your bags, and enjoy the adventure. All the best!