Glamp Site Guide: Traits of the Best Glamping Site in Kent


01 March 2022

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The best glamping site provides you with your own private space, luxury amenities, and plenty of activities to make your glamping holidays in Kent exciting for you. But, how do you know which is the best glamping site in Kent? Learn traits to notice in your glamp site. When the weather gets warm or the hectic city life starts affecting one’s ability to live peacefully, getting out of the house and doing something amazing is a great way to bring peace back to life. Glamping is a fantastic way to add something exciting to life. It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Also, it enables you to come close to nature and experience it closely. 

Kent is home to several popular glamping sites, allowing you to take a close look at nature while enjoying your time. You don’t need to bring a tent or cook your own food. All you need to do is to be in the right and choose the best glamping site in Kent. How do you do that?

Although setting up your mood of glamping is up to you, we can help you find the best site for you. Here are some traits you should notice in your glamping site:

Nestled in Nature

The significant idea behind glamping is to get close to nature. The best site understands that and provides you with an opportunity to witness the unspoiled form of Mother Earth. 

Kent is home to several beautiful sites. When you are planning for glamping in Kent, ensure that it is surrounded by greenery. There should be stunning sites around your glamping site. Also, there must be plenty of attractive, green places to explore during your outdoor adventure.

Multiple Accommodation Options

A tent is a great way to experience nature. However, when you are with kids, it’s wise to choose a hut over a tent.

At the best glamping site, you’re offered multiple accommodation options to pick the best among them. For example, you can select between a safari tent and a shepherd’s hut. Both the options are closely associated with nature. 

Luxury Amenities

What makes glamping different and better than camping is the luxury it offers. Apart from multiple accommodation options, you’re offered a wide range of amenities and services to make your glamping holidays in Kent exciting and memorable. 

At the best site, you get luxury services like comfortable beds, duvets, coffee tables, outdoor chairs, clean toilets, showers, and electric points to charge your gadgets.  

Unique Guest Experience

One of the most amazing things about glamping is that you don’t have to arrange anything for your trip. From accommodation to bedding, everything is taken care of by your site’s service providers. In addition to offering these services, the best site will be managed to make you feel good and special. For example, you can ask the site’s manager to make arrangements for a special event like a birthday or a lunch under the clear sky.

Kid-Friendly, Pet-Friendly Services

When you are glamping with kids, you require more than just luxury accommodation. For example, children’s food preferences are different from adults. 

At the best glamping site, you are provided with a specialised kid-friendly menu. 

Some sites in Kent do not allow pets. If you’ve pets, ensure that you book a site that has pet-friendly services. 

In the End

If doing your research around all of these points is a little hectic and you quickly want to find the best glamping site in Kent, look no further than Ham Hideaway. We are one of the most popular and best loved glamping sites in Kent. Contact us to know more!