Glamping Holidays in Kent: A Stunning Way to Reconnect with Nature After Lockdown


08 March 2022

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Glamping is back . After spending a long time indoors due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to return to nature and spend time with your loved ones. 
When it comes to glamping, no other place in the UK can offer a better experience than Kent. Glamping holidays in Kent are popular among families, couples, adults, and young adventurers who desire to get close to nature while experiencing luxuries that come with glamping.
Also known as the Garden of England, the county is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, historical structures, lively people, stunning beaches, and a number of tourist places. In short, Kent has something for everyone.
Why You Deserve a Glamping Trip
If you live in a city, you are aware of the hectic life there. Apart from stressful professional life, the environment isn’t always pleasant to keep you in the good mood. Adding to the problem, there is so much hustle and bustle in a city. Moreover, the last many months weren’t good for mental health due to the ongoing pandemic.
However, a trip to a glamping site in Kent can bring excitement back to your life. Also, you get the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and collect memories that you can remember anytime after returning back to your city life.
A glamping trip can help you in multiple ways, including:

  • It is an easy way to connect and appreciate nature in its original form.
  • It is a fun trip where you do not have to make arrangements. Your glamping site in Kent will take care of all of your needs – including accommodation, bedding, food, parking, and more. 
  • It takes you on an adventure to spend quality time in the lap of nature.
  • It enables you to unwind and relax.

What Did Lockdown Teach About Appreciating Nature? 
The time coronavirus hit the world, people were forced to stay indoors to decrease their chances of developing the disease. Soon, a lockdown happened, and people weren’t allowed to go out and spend time outside with their loved ones.
It was the time when people realised the importance of staying fit and spending time with their families, friends, and loved ones. The lockdown taught us to appreciate what we have and take some time out from our busy schedules to collect memories.
If you’ve also realised the importance of Mother Earth and wish to spend time surrounded by nature, glamping holidays in Kent are perfect for you.
How To Plan a Kent Glamping Trip
Kent is home to a huge number of glamping sites. However, not all of them are ideal for your next trip. For example, some may be too expensive while others are too artificial to provide you with an experience of living in the wilderness. 
Here are some useful ways to plan your next glamping trip to Kent:
Choose Your Glamping Site
Your glamping site can make or break your trip, so select it wisely. While choosing a site, consider your requirements. For example, if you want to stay in a tent, the site must have an option like a safari tent. Also, in case you are with kids, the site should have kid-friendly services and a food menu.
Consider Amenities
Remember, a tent isn’t the only thing to notice in a glamping site. It must have a wide range of other luxury services too. They include:

  • Comfortable bedding and duvets
  • Coffee tables our outdoor chairs
  •  Clean showers and toilets
  • Electric charging points
  • A chef to cook food
  • Safe parking
  • Kid-friendly services
  • Pet-friendly services

Plan Activities

What do you want to do during your trip? Do you only want to spend time at a glamping site in Kent and areas around it? Or, have you plans like visiting famous Kent places and taking part in adventurous activities like hiking, and others? Find answers to these questions to plan an awesome trip.

In the End 

Now, you are all set for glamping holidays in Kent? If you are in search of the best site, come to Ham Hideaway. We are the best in the industry. Consult us to know more!