How Do You Find the Best Glamping Site in Kent for You?


30 March 2022

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Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great holiday. Whatever your expectations are for glamping holidays in Kent, this guide will help you ensure that you book the best glamping site in Kent and have a memorable experience. One family might want to spend quality time with their loved ones in nature, whilst a group of adventurers  might expect their glamping trip to be filled with wild activities. People’s expectations not only vary in regards to activities, but with facilities too. Some people prefer to stay in a tent and feel truly connected to the outdoors, whilst others prefer the luxury of a hut. This poses the question, is there such a thing as ‘the’ best glamping site in Kent?

The answer is: No

However,  there is the best glamping site out there for you! We’re here to help you figure out your requirements, so that you can find a site that will provide you with one of your best glamping holidays in kent.

Make sure you select the accommodation that is right for you

Do you want to stay in a tent or would you prefer a hut? If you’re a veteran camper who wants a more authentic experience, then a tent is an ideal accommodation option for you.

However, if you have been romanticising a more luxurious experience, then a hut may be the better choice.

Experienced sites will have thought about this and will provide various accommodation options to suit your needs. At Ham Hideaway they offer a variety of accommodation from safari tents to romantic shepherd huts.

Create a List of Expected Services/Amenities

Glamping is a form of luxury camping, but it includes more than just accommodation. At the best glampsite in Kent, you can enjoy a wide range of services and amenities, which include:

  • Comfortable beds and duvets
  • Clean toilets and showers
  • A chef
  • Kids-friendly menu
  • Pet-friendly services
  • Chairs, coffee tables, and outdoor chairs
  • Electric charging points
  • Safe parking

Before selecting a site for your glamping holiday in Kent, create a list of services and amenities that you would like at your glampsite. For example, if you are travelling with children, then you would want to make sure your glamping site has a kids-friendly menu.


Although the best glamping site will be surrounded by greenery, the site and its services aren’t the only things to enjoy during your trip, especially when you are glamping in Kent.

The English countryside has many popular tourist places and attractive destinations. Families and history lovers can visit Dover Castle, White Cliffs of Dover, and Canterbury Cathedral, whilst adventure lovers can plan a wide range of activities – including cycling, hiking, bird watching, and more.

The best glamping site in Kent will be close to both tourist attractions and will be surrounded by outdoor activities. Before you book a site, make sure you check its location and its distance from all the places that you want to visit during your glamping holiday trip.

Final Notes

The best glamping trip is one that consists of a combination of time spent at a glamping site and a trip to places you wish to visit. If you are in search of the best glamping site in Kent that has all the services and features that you require, then come to Ham Hideaway and Book Now!