The Best Hideaway For Glamping Family Holidays Kent, England.


30 May 2022

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Nestled in the famous ‘garden of England’ with sensational views, royal homes, and beautiful greenery, the enchanting Ham Hideaway is the perfect choice for glamping family holidays, Kent style. The charming old buildings, just-baked bread aromas, picturesque villages, and pretty gardens are all part of Kent’s unique and authentic classic and elegant style. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Ham Hideaway for family glamping.

Ham hideaway provides the necessities

No, you don’t have to carry a giant suitcase of mandatory necessities. A home away from home is hard to find where all amenities are clean, top-notch, and perfect as the amenities at home. Ham Hideaway provides clean and fresh glamping family holidays Kent package that includes:

  • Toilet Accessories
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Toiletries
  • Clean Egyptian linens
  • Clean ultra plush pillow
  • Clean bedroom Accessories etc.

Stunning & Unforgettable

Imagine laying on the ground with your family on a peaceful clear night staring at a constellation of stars making wishes after the high-speed shooting stars pass by, wouldn’t those moments make unforgettable family memories with the people you love most? The Ham Hideaway glamping in Kent package provides everything you need for your loved ones to bond, reconnect and unite just like the good old days and appreciate the value of family.

Fully catered

Thinking of food? A fully catered starlight gourmet dining style is available at the Ham hideaway for families, individuals, and couples. The glamping family holidays Kent package caters for: 

  • Picnic Hampers
  • Kids Menu
  • Vegetarian Menu
  • Gourmet fine dining.


Hame hideaway always puts safety first, with installed CCTV cameras and security personnel at the Ham Hideaway. The glamping family holidays Kent package comes with top-notch security surveillance cameras for monitoring all family members ensuring that nothing is lost and no one is lost during the Kent getaway.

Calm & Pleasant

Featured by the alluring ‘Bumble Bee’ tents, a private outdoor area, high-speed 100 Mbps wifi and a private butler chef the Ham Hideaway glamping family holidays Kent package is the best choice for both large and small families. The imported durable tents from Africa can not only accommodate up to 6 people but also withstand the harsh outdoor rigors and climatic changes. These modern-day luxuries allow for sharing family memories with relatives, friends, and colleagues.

We welcome dogs!

Yes, your amazing dog can accompany you. Dogs are part of families and can’t be left behind no matter what. The Ham Hideaway glamping family holidays Kent package offers an opportunity for all families to come with their beloved dogs during the getaway.
With the realization that dogs offer warmth, joy, and happiness to families, the Ham hideaway offers a space for dogs with dog beds too so that these precious human friends won’t miss out on your family getaway.

Just the Way You Want!

Families carry different wishes, desires, and people with different personalities respectively. The Ham Hideaway glamping family holidays Kent package caters to all family members just the way they want. From flexible tent options, and personal gourmet dishes, to security, at Ham Hideaway there’s something for everyone including you. Some say blood is thicker than water and making family memories is priceless. Getting the opportunity to reconnect with the people you love and care for after a long time is truly unforgettable. A reconnection in a peaceful, serene, and charming hideaway far from the reality of life is valuable. Seize that family opportunity while you can and enjoy it with your family because time can just fly away.

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