A Guide to the Best Spot for Glamping in Kent


24 August 2022

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If you’re in Kent and thinking of having a glamping holiday but aren’t sure where to go, this guide will discuss the best accommodation for Kent Glamping. Finding bespoke glamping accommodations can often prove challenging, as there are numerous spots for Glamping in Kent. Although deciding on where you want to spend your glamping holiday can be tricky, there is one spot that’ll likely tempt you to extend your stay.

Ham Hideaway is nestled in the rolling Kent countryside and is the ultimate spot for Glamping Kent. With several rooms and even more activities, Ham Hideaway is the perfect location for glamping done right.

As a glamping accommodation that was featured in The Times, Ham Hideaway truly lives up to the buzz surrounding it. Keep reading to learn more about this top-class glamping spot!

Ham Hideaway Has Numerous Rooms to Choose From

With a handful of rooms all boasting different aesthetics and breathtaking views, you’re not limited to just one bedroom. The only hurdle you might come across is deciding which bedroom to occupy, as they’re all stunning and comfortable!

The Shepherd’s Huts (Englantine, Sweet Briar & Corncockle)

The Shepherd’s Huts are cozy and tucked-away spots that are intimate and perfect for two people. These rooms are so put-together and detailed that you’ll probably forget you’re somewhat camping! With decks that boast tranquil views of the countryside, The Shepherd’s Huts are a great option if you want to kick back and soak in a picturesque view with a nice beverage and great company.

Safari Style Tent (Robins Roost)

The Safari Style Tent is a heated room with plenty of space. With the capacity for up to six people, this spacious tent is perfect if you’re enjoying a glamping holiday with a group of friends or family. The location provides easy access to the outdoors, making it a great opportunity for exploring the great outdoors.

What Else Does Ham Hideaway Offer?

Besides rooms that have everything you need (including plush linen made of Egyptian cotton, wifi, and private bathroom access), there are a handful of other awesome things you can take advantage of at Ham Hideaway!

Dining Under the Stars

If you’re a sucker for nighttime and celestial bodies, you’ll absolutely love starlight dining. Since Ham Hideaway is in the countryside, you’ll likely be able to see the stars far better since there’s less pollution clouding the sky. Ham Hideaway’s starlit dining experience is the perfect way to end a great day.


In case you prefer the daytime, you’ll be thrilled to know that Ham Hideaway has picnic hampers for your pleasure. With a top-of-the-range onsite chef, you can be confident that your food will be prepared with the utmost love and care (and fresh, locally sourced ingredients!).

Packages Tailored to You

Whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner, or as a group, Ham Hideaway accommodates it all. You don’t have to worry about not having any activities planned for your stay there, as this bespoke glamping spot is happy to build packages that best suit you. You can also feel free to let your dogs tag along with you.

Activities Outside the Accommodation

If you want to explore places beyond Ham Hideaway’s parameters, you’ll be pleased to know that Sandwich Bay is a couple of minutes away and you don’t need a vehicle to get there. Simply enjoy a couple of minutes’ stroll to the destination and stop by at the historic market that resides there.

Final Thoughts

Although it can be tricky to find a glamping spot that truly captures the essence of glamping, you can be confident that Ham Hideaway is the definition of glamping done properly!